TOP Machinery & Equipment (ZHENGZHOU) LTD is a professional bearing manufacturer in the world and one of the leading bearing exporters in China. Established in 1989, TOPROL & VBF Bearing has been specializing in bearing production, sales, marketing and distribution. For about 20 years experience, TOPROL & VBF Bearing has successfully supplied to more than 60 countries all over the world in the field of Automobiles, Machine Tools, Pumps, Mines, Conveyor Rollers, Construction Machinery and Agricultural Machinery, etc.

TOP Machinery & Equipment (ZHENGZHOU) LTD has 200 employees and about 20 technical personals of different professionals. Equipped with first class manufacturing equipments and test instruments, TOPROL & VBF Bearings are of uniform marking, packing and parameter, superior quality, reasonable price and good aftersale service. TOPROL & VBF Bearing covers 9 categories with thousands types, 5 tolerances. TOP Machinery & Equipment (ZHENGZHOU) LTD includes ball bearings, taper roller bearings, thrust bearings, self-aligning bearings, spherical bearings, auto wheel hub bearings, Bearing Kits, clutch release bearings, tensioner/idler bearings, needle bearings, pillow block bearings,agricultural bearings, bimetal bushes, slewing bearings, etc.

Under the supervision of Luoyang Bearing Engineering Research and Development Institute and China Bearing Inspection Centre, TOP Machinery & Equipment (ZHENGZHOU) LTD also designs and develops special bearings with various functions as per customers' demand, TOP Machinery & Equipment (ZHENGZHOU) LTD aims at providing customers with good products and prompt service.

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